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About Evolver

Evolver is an application designed to connect people with similar sport interests, regardless of their skill level. We strongly believe in the importance of real connections, those relationships that begin with a simple invitation to participate in a sport activity and evolve into meaningful and lasting experiences. Our mission is to support those entering the world of sport by providing the support necessary to remain consistent and facilitating the creation of meaningful connections in sport.


Beyond the exercise itself, we value the conversations, laughter and sharing moments that follow each session. With Evolver, saying goodbye to loneliness in your fitness programmes is as easy as welcoming your next interaction. Every sporting activity done with our app opens the door to new, authentic connections.


Join Evolver and discover that the most valuable connections can happen when you least expect it, while enjoying your favourite activities.

When you register on Evolver, the first step is to create your profile.


– Add photos to your profile. Choose the images that you like and represent you best.


– Write a short biography. Describe in a few words who you are, what sports you like, or any other details you’d like to share.


– Select your favourite sports. You will be shown a list of sports, select all the sports you play or are interested in.


– Specify age and gender ranges. This helps to personalise your experience and find groups or events that best suit your preferences.


O1: If you want to share more about yourself, you can upload sports stories that will be available for 24 hours. The Evolver community will be able to see them.

Start your experience by searching through events that are already organised. Filter by sport and location to find those that best match your interests.


You can also create your own event: just define the details of the sport, location, time and any relevant information that might attract other Evolver users to participate.

Now that you are part of the community and have found or created sporting events of interest to you, it’s time to enjoy.


Every activity at Evolver is an opportunity to share experiences and create new connections. And who knows… in the midst of fun and sport, sparks may even fly.

Share and connect



Communicate directly within the app to share common interests and organise sports plans.


Share your workouts, eating habits and favourite sports with the Evolver community.


Organise or join sporting events created by other Evolver users – remember to invite your friends so they can join and participate together!


Find your next sport match and send them a request to set up a training session – training together has never been easier!



Connect with people who share your passion for sport.

Your next training session could be just around the corner!